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Project Overview

The Swiss Learning Health System (SLHS), as a national platform for health systems and services research, fosters the dialogue between different stakeholders that are relevant in the Swiss health system and facilitates the flow of information at the level of policy, research and practice. This allows to develop and continuously integrate evidence-informed solutions to challenges in the health care system. It tries to link all actors – patients, health care providers, insurers, researchers and policy-makers – with the final aim to strengthen the Swiss health system, to improve population health, and ultimately to achieve better value for money in healthcare.

In order to achieve the goal of bridging research, policy and practice, the SLHS fosters learning cycles in the Swiss health system, strengthens research capacity and aims at building management tools to access relevant health information that can support learning cycles.

For more detailed information see original project proposal (pdf).

Vision, Mission and Values

The vision of the SLHS is a health system that responds to current and future health needs, integrates the best research evidence into services, programs and policies, and enables learning processes on all levels of the system.

The mission of the SLHS is to support and engage decision-makers in finding and using the best evidence available with the ultimate goal of strengthening the health system along the continuum of care.

Learning Cycles

Here you can find all about the learning cycles of our project.

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