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PhD students

One of the main objectives of the Swiss Learning Health System (SLHS) is to train young researchers to understand and conduct high quality research in the intersection of practice, policy and research. PhD students who are part of the SLHS are actively contributing to the learning cycles by working on Policy Briefs and participating in Stakeholder Dialogues.

Jason Schneck

Jason’s research focuses on applying qualitative methods to observe working conditions in Ticinese nursing homes, and how this relates to the delivery of quality care from the worker’s perspective.The targeted group will be a mixture of nursing home professions in order to represent the diverse nature of care work in these facilities. The study will also draw on secondary source analysis and interviews with relevant stakeholders and informants.  

SUPSI | Jason Schneck
UZH | Jason Schneck


Jean Anthony Perrenoud

The impact of interprofessional education on attitudes towards interprofessional collaboration

Nicola Julia Aebi

At the interface of of mental and somatic health at hospital-level, Nicola's research focuses on evaluating the implementation of a stepped and collaborative care model in Basel-Stadt.

Mike Bacher

The Emergence of Corporations in the Middle Ages North of the Alps from Roman-Canon Law and its Effects (Working Title)

Sophie Karoline Brandt

Sophie's research focuses on the measurement and empirical analysis of health professionals' preferences regarding new models of outpatient primary care. Her focus is on key aspects of interprofessional collaboration, health promotion and the health professionals' innovativeness. Her PhD project includes the design and conduct of an experimental survey among a sample of different health occupations in Switzerland.

LinkedIn | Sophie Karoline Brandt
University Lucerne | Sophie Karoline Brandt

Johannes Cordier

Johannes’  research focuses on econometrics and its applications in health economics. In particular, he makes use of machine-learning algorithms to support medical decision making.

LinkedIn | Johannes Cordier
Med-HSG, School of Medicine USG | Johannes Cordier

Zora Föhn

Zora's research interests revolve around the measurement and the empirical analysis of the Swiss general population’s preferences for current developments in the outpatient primary healthcare. Her research includes the design and conduct of an experimental survey among a representative sample of the Swiss population.

LinkedIn | Zora Föhn
Health2024 | Zora Föhn

Olivier Gaugler

Olivier’s research focuses on finding solutions for health care practitioners in Switzerland to screen patients with non-communicable diseases for their physical activity levels.

LinkedIn | Olivier Gaugler

ZHAW | Olivier Gaugler

Stephanie Greindl

The quality of care for older patients in primary care:
The role of family members and interprofessional care teams

LinkedIn | Stephanie Greindl
UZH - Institut für Hausarztmedizin | Greindl Stephanie

Eva Hollenstein

Eva’s research explores suicide prevention measures in Switzerland, focusing on interprofessional collaboration and network structures. Her PhD project aims to investigate the role of collaborative practice in five different suicide prevention projects that intend to decrease the number of suicide attempts and improve the quality of life of patients and their families.

Swiss TPH | Eva Hollenstein

Levy Jaeger

Levy’s projects revolve around the FIRE database, which collects information from electronic medical records of several hundred general practitioners across Switzerland ( He aims to explore how clinical routine data can be used to identify unwarranted variation in Swiss primary care.

UZH | Levy Jäger


Abdessalam Ouaazki

Abdes's preliminary research interest revolves around the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to improve public mental health and well-being.

Andreas Plate

Andreas' PhD research focuses on the quality of care in the prevention and treatment of communicable diseases with a particular focus on primary care.

UZH | Andreas Plate

Kateryna Riabchenko

Kateryna’s research aims to investigate a role of supplementary insurance in the Swiss health system by exploring the effect of supplemental health insurance on health plan choices, and its impact on out-of-pockets payments. The study will draw on quantitative data from the Swiss Household Panel, the Swiss Health Survey, and qualitative information from key stakeholders interviews.

LinkedIn | Kateryna Riabchenko

Irene Salvi

Irene's research focuses on applying health economics methods to the analysis of efficient and cost-effective ways to deliver in-patient and out-patient care in the Swiss context, and to gain insights on the epidemiology, hospital care and patient-reported outcomes of non-communicable diseases.

LinkedIn | Irene Salvi
Uni St. Gallen | Irene Salvi

Mélanie Stamm

Mélanie’s PhD project aims to identify, define and understand existing economic inefficiencies in the Swiss health care system as well as to determine the potential for efficiency improvement in certain areas. One focus lies on administrative inefficiencies and another on inefficiencies in the emergency department.

LinkedIn | Mélanie Stamm
ZHAW | Mélanie Stamm

Manuel Weber

Manuel's PhD projects aim to examine target group-specific lifestyle interventions using technology (focus on physical activity and nutrition). Besides, the potential of digital lifestyle interventions for bridging the transition from a clinical setting (e.g., rehabilitation) to home will be investigated. The target population are oncological patients.

LinkedIn | Manuel Weber
BFH | Manuel Weber

Sophia Werdin

Sophia's PhD research focuses on the analysis of the implementation and outcomes of suicide prevention measures in Switzerland. For this purpose, she conducts a cross-national comparison of suicide prevention activities, a health economic analysis and an impact study on the effects of a specific suicide prevention program.

LinkedIn | Sophia Werdin
Swiss TPH | Sophia Werdin

Romain Claret

Romain's research focuses on tending toward Infinite-Intelligence

Alessia Raineri

Exposures of school  children to SARS CoV 2 and child development during the pandemic

Camille Poroes

Camille's research revolves around her background in management and public policy. The thesis project involves the adaptation of existing conceptual frameworks and the identification of indicators for measuring the performance and resilience of health systems in times of crisis. The example of the leadership and the preventive aspects of the health system in the canton of Vaud during the COVID-19 crisis will be used as an application.

LinkedIn | Camille Poroes

Leonard Roth

Leonard has a background in medical statistics and his research currently focuses on the longitudinal analysis of health services data. He'll investigate formal and informal caregivers' professional trajectories during his PhD, with a strong methodological component.

LinkedIn | Leonard Roth

Severin Schnurrenberger

Cecilia Luini

Cecilia's research focuses on the analysis and innovation of health service delivery with special attention to the challenges posed by emerging clusters of patients (e.g. frail patients). Her main research interests lie in the area of health policy and management as well as in applied health economics.

LinkedIn | Cecilia Luini

Ana Cecilia Quiroga Gutierrez

Ana's research focuses on the concept of Health insurance literacy (HIL), specifically its conceptualization and assessment within the Swiss Health System. As part of her PhD research, she developed and validated a measurement tool that will allow to assess HIL that is specific to the Swiss context. In a following step, she was looking at the distribution of HIL in Switzerland and the impact on health insurance choices, health services utilization and related health outcomes.

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