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Co-creation of a Future Outpatient Primary Healthcare Model in Switzerland

The Health2040 initiative is a collaborative effort between the Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine of the University of Lucerne and Interface Politikstudien. The project focuses on exploring scientific foundations for future primary healthcare models in Switzerland. Building on insights from previously published reports that detail the preferences of the general population and healthcare professionals, Health2040 now expands to co-creation of a future outpatient primary healthcare model in Switzerland.

In this phase, the project aims to bring together patients, healthcare providers, political actors, insurers and additional stakeholders to collaboratively design a prospective vision of outpatient primary healthcare.

Ultimately, the project seeks to

1) bridge the gap between emerging healthcare models and stakeholder preferences and

2) co-produce actionable policy recommendations to support the evolution of outpatient primary healthcare in Switzerland. 

Participatory workshops will bring together stakeholders, including patients, researchers, policymakers, insurers, and providers, to co-create an outpatient primary healthcare model and an action plan through facilitated discussions.

The workshops will be informed by a literature review on the existing and emerging outpatient primary healthcare models, and the results of previously published Health2040 reports.


This project uniquely goes beyond mere consultation to foster stakeholder participation and co-creation. Including insurers, health practitioners, policy-makers and patients in the co-creation process can help link the preferences for future outpatient primary healthcare identified in the literature review and in Health2040 research findings, and actual practice.

Anna Romanova & Natalie Messerli, Project's Scientific Collaborators 

Author: Anna Romanova, Natalie Messerli

Institution: University of Lucerne


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