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Work in Progress:
Policy Brief on ensuring the sustainable impact of suicide prevention measures

Members of our network are currently working on a Policy Brief on ensuring the sustainable impact of suicide prevention measures.

Ensuring the sustainable impact of suicide prevention measures

The number of suicides in Switzerland has been decreasing, indicating the potential effectiveness of the implemented measures of the Suicide Prevention Action Plan.  However, sustaining the success of suicide prevention initiatives beyond the initial implementation phase poses challenges. Factors contributing to sustainable implementation include integration into existing systems, maintaining outcomes through capacity building and monitoring, and fostering collaboration with stakeholders. This policy brief will provide recommendations based on expert opinions and best practices to ensure the long-lasting impact of suicide prevention efforts, supporting ongoing progress in Switzerland.

The sustainability of prevention efforts is of interest to various stakeholders, including their target groups, program initiators, and funders. With the introduction of four new suicide prevention programs in Switzerland, we aim to investigate the success factors that enable the sustainable continuation of these measures after the initial implementation and funding period. Sophia Werdin & Eva Hollenstein, authors of the Policy Brief


Authors: Sophia Werdin & Eva Hollenstein
Institution: Swiss TPH

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