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Policy Brief on The Effect of Frailty on Healthcare Utilization

Congratulations to Cecilia Luini on her Policy Brief, which has been published!

The Effect of Frailty on Healthcare Utilization

Frailty presents a complex challenge in the aging process, spanning physical, psychological, and social dimensions. Exploring the intricacies within these domains unveils profound implications for healthcare. Our analysis of longitudinal data across 12 European countries, including Switzerland, highlights significant disparities in frailty prevalence among nations. Despite Switzerland's commendable low frailty rates, the consequential impact on hospitalization and medical consultations remains significant. It is crucial, therefore, to collaboratively articulate a precise and comprehensive definition of frailty, nurture integrated care strategies that advocate for comprehensive care, and conceptualize the implementation of a nationwide Electronic Frailty Index. To catalyze change, existing initiatives like the Swiss Frailty Network can be leveraged, and obstacles such as funding disincentives and data protection should be navigated. This transformative journey promises a richer understanding of frailty, innovative care strategies, and a healthier future for aging communities.

Frailty is a complex health condition and neglecting a multidimentional, holistic approach, may lead to negative health outcomes, care fragmentation and inappropriate care strategies. Cecilia Luini, author of the Policy Brief

Find more info and the full Policy Brief here on our website.

Author: Cecilia Luini
Institution: Università della Svizzera italiana (USI)

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