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Join the SLHS Online Lectures on “Synthesizing Science: Pathways to Impact”

The Swiss Learning Health System is delighted to announce a series of webinars that seek to explore the intersections of science, policy, and action. Journey with us through four distinct sessions, each designed to explore vital aspects of evidence synthesis and knowledge translation to produce impactful research for policy and practice.


Session I: Tailoring Knowledge & Making Science Accessible

  • Date: October 12th, 2023
  • Time: 16:00 – 17:00 CET

Join Débora Miranda, a Communications and Dissemination Officer at the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies, as she explores the art of making science accessible and inspires enhanced knowledge-brokering practices.

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Session II: The Evolution of Evidence: Exploring Living Systematic Reviews

  • Date: October 26th, 2023
  • Time: 09:00 – 10:00 CET

Navigate through the realm of Living Systematic Reviews with Dr. Rebecca Hodder, a leading expert in evidence synthesis. Gain a clear understanding of how these reviews differ from traditional ones, and learn practical insights into their maintenance and logistics.

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Session III: Who gets heard? Empirical findings on how scientists can better convey their insights to policy makers in Switzerland

  • Date: November 9th, 2023
  • Time: 16:00 – 17:00 CET

How can scientists effectively communicate with policy-makers in Switzerland? Dr. Silvia Maier will share empirical findings from the "Who gets heard?" project, providing a rare glimpse into the dynamics between scientific communication and policy-making.

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Session IV: Valuing the Unseen - Investigating Everyday Knowledge Translation

  • Date: November 16th, 2023
  • Time: 16:00 – 17:00 CET

Explore the often-underestimated importance of everyday efforts in knowledge translation with Dr. Robert Borst. Gain insights from real-world examples and discuss the broader implications of recognizing and prioritizing these initiatives.

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