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Learn more about learning health systems with Dr. Kabir Sheikh and join our free webinar "Learning is a means to progress and empowerment for health systems" on November 17, 16:00 - 17:30.

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There is widespread consensus that learning is crucial for the performance of health systems, however, this is not matched by shared knowledge and understanding of how health systems learn. The term ‘learning health systems’ has been invoked in different contexts with disparate connotations. The flagship report of the WHO-hosted Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research: ‘Learning health systems: pathways to progress’ (2021) reflects a concerted attempt to develop the learning health systems concept, and advances three key ideas:

  • Learning helps all functions of health systems at all levels, and its importance goes beyond health care systems or health services.
  • Learning is more than information transfer: action and deliberation are as important
  • Learning has diverse benefits for health systems: from correcting errors, to improving adaptivity and innovativeness, to increasing the self-reliance of low and middle income country health systems in the context of the balance of power in global health

Dr. Kabir Sheikh is Policy Advisor at the Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research (the Alliance), an international partnership hosted by the World Health Organization. At the Alliance, Dr Sheikh is deputy to the Executive Director, and has charge of the Alliance’s policy and science workstreams.




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