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How to plan Policy Briefs and Stakeholder Dialogues


This year’s retreat with the PhD students of the SLHS network was held on 13 May in Zurich. The purpose of the retreat was to provide an update on the planning of Policy Briefs and Stakeholder Dialogues in the SLHS and to share information on the current status of the work.

Prof. Stefan Neuner-Jehle, head Chronic Care of the Institute for Primary Care of University of Zurich (IHAMZ), introduced to the day. Then, Lévy Jaeger, Stephanie Greindl and Andreas Plate, PhD students at IHAMZ, presented the institute and gave an insight into their current studies.

Following this session, Sarah Mantwill and Tanya Kasper of the SLHS Management and Coordination office gave an update on the SLHS project overall and specifically related to the planning of Policy Briefs and Stakeholder Dialogues in the SLHS. Then, some PhD students presented their current ideas and status of their work on Policy Briefs. 

In addition, the PhD students were introduced to the basics of identifying stakeholders for their Policy Briefs and Stakeholder Dialogues and then engaged with some examples.

The afternoon was dedicated to a social event. The group visited the exhibition “HEALTH – 7000 Years of the Art of Healing”, an interactive exhibition about the history of medicine – from the Stone Age to the present day, an exhibition of the Kantonsarchäologie Luzern and the Museums für Urgeschichte(n) Zug, expanded by the Kulturama Museum des Menschen



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