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COVID-19 Health System Response Monitor - Switzerland's Contribution

Over the last weeks, the "Health Systems and Policy Monitor“ (HSPM) has been setting up a website (The COVID-19 Health Systems Response Monitor HSRM) that aims at collecting and organizing up-to-date information on how countries are responding to the COVID-19 outbreak. It focuses primarily on the responses of health systems but also tries to capture wider public health initiatives. The website was set up as a response to the WHO EURO Regional Director Hans Kluge`s inquiry to collect and organize information on how different health systems are responding to the challenge of COVID-19. It is also foreseen to develop cross-country analysis of health systems responses (trends and key lessons).

The Website currently includes information for most of the countries in the WHO European Region, including all EU Member States, and is updated regularly.

The Swiss Learning Health System has been asked to provide an overview over the current situation in Switzerland. The Operational Unit of the SLHS started setting up the country page for Switzerland on April, 15 2020. The information will be continuously updated, at least until early June 2020.

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