Prof. Marco Meneguzzo, Centre for Organisational Research - Health and Public Management, University of Lugano

Prof. Marco Meneguzzo

Marco Meneguzzo is professor of Public and Non Profit Management at USI University of Italian Switzerland, Lugano and professor of Strategic Management, Non Profit Management and Public Management at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”.  He is the director of the Laboratory for Public and health management at USI Faculty of Economics of the Government and director of ivil Society Research Group (Department of Management and Law, University of Rome “Tor Vergata”).

He is Codirector of NET MEGS Master in Health economics & management and scientific director of Master PMP (politique et management public ) Faculty of Economics.

In the health care sector his  main research interests involve heath care networks network governance and management,  strategic planning and management, HCOs  financial management and public private partnership.

He is a co-director and founder of the EGPA Permanent Study Group on Public Network Policy and Management and he has been Co chair of the 2012 IRSPM Annual  conference at the University Roma Tor Vergata,  Co chair (with Daniela Cristofoli ) of the EGPA Transatlantic dialogue 2014 at USI and co- chair of EGPA MED dialogue 2014 at University Roma Tor Vergata.

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