29th - 30th November 2018: Symposium and Short course on the role of rapid reviews and policy briefs

How to improve the use of evidence-based health (care) information in practice and policy? The role of rapid reviews and policy briefs, and their synergistic effects:

SSSPH+ funded one-day Symposium and optional one-day Short course on the role of rapid reviews and policy briefs in evidence-informed decision-making in public health policy and practice. Event organised jointly by the Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine and Cochrane Switzerland, University of Lausanne - (lead institution) and the University of Lucerne (co-lead), partner institutions of the Swiss Learning Health System (SLHS).

Day 1 (29 November 2018):

One-day Symposium on how to obtain high-quality evidence on specific health(care) issues in a timely and suitable manner. Policy briefs and rapid reviews (RR) offer effective ways of summarizing and communicating current research evidence to policy and practice.

Day 2 (30 November 2018):

One-day Short course on rapid reviews with more in-depth discussion of methods, by the Cochrane Rapid Reviews Methods Group.

Target audience: Stakeholders from various backgrounds and work settings interested in better understanding the values and concepts behind rapid reviews and policy briefs in evidence-informed decision-making.

For further information: Programme and registration:

Program: https://www.iumsp.ch/sites/default/files/pdf/Flyer_SymposiumSSPH_2018.pdf

Registration: https://www.iumsp.ch/fr/node/8938

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