Enhancing the legal and ethical framework

Modern health systems are complex, adaptive systems. The functioning of such systems crucially relies on a legal framework that can flexibly respond to emerging needs, learn and constantly improve itself in light of ethical considerations.

There are still many areas within the Swiss health system that are not or only insufficiently regulated and which require more attention from policy makers and researchers alike. Areas include, for example, human subjects research and the protection of personal (health) data, regulations of pharmaceutical products, gene technology and genetic testing, or legal aspects related to end of life decisions. Equally relevant are guidelines for ethical decision-making, from the perspective of individuals, organizations, governments and the health system as a whole. This includes aspects of patient care, such as counselling, psychotherapy or pastoral care, responsible organizations as well as fair access to health services and just resource allocations. The SLHS supports a variety of research activities that seek to enhance the legal and ethical framework in Switzerland on all levels of the health system.

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