Equality of Opportunity

The Swiss health system is rated among the best in the world. The high quality of care, guaranteed access to necessary health services, and coverage through statutory health insurance are considered major strengths of the system. However, there also exist important inequalities throughout the health system, across different dimensions and population groups.

Some of the inequalities may not be avoidable, for example if linked to genetic variations. Other inequalities may be attributable to avoidable factors, in which case they become inequities. Examples include social and economic conditions that may influence health status and health services access, and the exposure to environmental risk factors. If there are avoidable or remediable differences in health, this calls for action and the Swiss government has responded to this by defining equality of opportunity as one of the four priority areas on the health policy agenda. Researchers in the SLHS seek to expand the evidence base on the origins of health inequalities in Switzerland and contribute to the development of new programs and interventions to reduce health inequities.

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