Re-thinking Economic Incentives

The health sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in Switzerland, outpacing the growth of the overall economy and posing an increasing burden on public and private spending. Fragmentation of the health system at both the financing and delivery level increasingly leads to wasted resources and suboptimal outcomes. There is also growing realization that more care and/or expensive care does not always mean better care.

Systematically and transparently evaluating the costs and benefits of interventions, policies and programs, and providing suitable incentives to reduce or eliminate economic inefficiencies in the health system are a key to ensuring affordability of care. This inolves but is not limited to the financing of inpatient and outpatient care, the design of health insurance and premium subsidies for low-income households, an the organization and coordination of the different pillars of the social security system. Research in the SLHS seeks to contribute to a better understanding of the sources of inefficiencies and to inform policy makers about suitable reforms to reduce inefficiencies and ultimately create more value for the money.

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