Health Promotion and Prevention

Given the growing prevalence of chronic health conditions, health promotion and disease prevention are effective and basic ways to prevent, reduce or mitigate the burden of disease and promote well-being. This involves but is not limited to the promotion of behavioral determinants, such as physical activity, healthy diet, the reduction of excessive alcohol consumption, substance use, and media consumption.

Over the life course, developing health literacy and having access to evidence-based health information and health services are critical steps for taking informed decisions and coping with societal, environmental and personal challenges and chronic conditions. Of particular relevance is the health system perspective with its socio-economic, environmental and contextual factors as it is able to benefit more broadly the health of populations. Factors of mobility and mobile populations increasingly enter the research focus and request an integrative view of different sectors, including health. Research by the partner institutions of the SLHS helps to better understand the mechanisms associated with health systems, (risky) health behaviors, the determinants of screening and immunization decisions, and it supports the development of new and integrated approaches and incentives to promoting health and preventing disease. This cluster shares the engagement for coping with inequalities, ethical, economic and policy aspects collaboratively with other research clusters.

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