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Policy Brief on Implementing Quality Indicators for Long-Term Care in Switzerland

Long-term care is a health and social service that is highly fragmented in Switzerland between regions, service providers and financial actors, making it difficult to monitor and evaluate. The Federal Quality Commission, established in 2021, aims to develop quality indicators in order to improve the monitoring and evaluation of long-term care in Switzerland. A first policy brief and stakeholder dialogue led by the SLHS aimed to develop a list of desired quality indicators for long-term care in Switzerland. We plan to follow-up on this work, with the aim of providing a list of quality indicators to be implemented in Swiss long-term care. To help with the decision process, practical insights relevant for the implementation and measurement of each type of indicators will be provided.


Quality in long-term care looks very different to quality in acute care, but that doesn't mean it can't be measured.

Léonard Roth, Jason Schneck & Clara MacNaughton, authors of the Policy Brief

Authors: Léonard Roth, Jason Schneck & Clara MacNaughton

Institution: Unisanté, SUPSI & Swiss Paraplegic Research


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