PREMs in cancer care

Improving care and the experiences of care by providing high-quality care responding to people’s needs (i.e. patient-centered care), are important as it translates into more positive experiences of care, which in turn can translate into treatments working better and better health. Patient-centered care is especially important in cancer care, as cancer has a particular emotional, social and financial burden on patients and their families, in addition to the health burden. While information about the effectiveness of cancer care is available in Switzerland, reports from patients about cancer care are missing. To increase the patient-centeredness in cancer care, this policy brief recommends i) developing a position statement on the importance and value of patients’ experiences of cancer care and ii) collecting patients’ experiences of cancer care at the national level, by implementing a national survey or by integrating data collection in cantonal cancer registries.

Stakeholder(s): Representatives from cancer care, quality assessment, patients and physicians organizations, and education
SLHS Lead: Département Epidémiologie et Systèmes de Santé, Unisanté
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