Discrimination in case of impotence

The Code of Law of the Roman Catholic Church contains an impediment to the marriage of impotence. It says that someone can only get married if the person can engage in sexual intercourse. To forbid marriage due to this reason poses discrimination for the people concerned because entering marriage is a fundamental and human right that cannot be exercised. This learning cycle meets the challenge to examine and eliminate the discrimination of people with a disability posed by the law of the Roman Catholic Church, by presenting information on i) the signing of the convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities by the Holy See with the consequence of a legislative adjustment, ii) the revision and discussion of the natural justice of the impediment to the marriage of impotence and iii) the discussion of the implementation/third-party effect of the fundamental rights.

Stakeholder(s): Canon law experts, lawyers, social workers
SLHS Lead: Center for Comparative Constitutional Law and Religion (ZRV), University of Lucerne
Policy Brief I: Download PDF (Currently only available in German)
Policy Brief II: Will follow soon 
Key Messages: Download PDF (Currently only available in German)
Summary of stakeholder dialogue(s): Download PDF (Currently only available in German)
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