Detecting psychosocial stress

Stress due to physical or emotional problems (psychosocial stress) causes various medical, social, and economic consequences in patients with somatic complaints. Therefore, early detection and treatment of psychosocial stress in hospital patients is important. Data on the prevalence of psychosocial stress in acute hospitals is unclear due to the low probability of detection and treatment. To improve detection and treatment of psychosocial stress, this policy brief recommends (1.) increasing knowledge and awareness of psychosocial stress among hospital staff and patients, (2.) promoting interprofessional collaboration in acute care hospitals, as well as (3.) facilitating access to support services for psychosocial stress in acute care hospitals. 

Stakeholder(s): Representatives from research and practice 
SLHS Lead: Swiss Centre for International Health, Swiss TPH 
Policy Brief: Download PDF (Currently only available in German)
Key Messages: Download PDF (Currently only available in German)
Stakeholder dialogue summary: Download PDF (Currently only available in German)

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