Vision, Mission and Values


The vision of the Swiss Learning Health System (SLHS) is a health system that is responsive to current and future health needs, where services, programs and policies are based on the best evidence available, where improvement is continuous through ongoing research and implementation, and where infrastructure enables learning processes on all levels of the system.


The mission of the SLHS is to establish mechanisms that support decision-makers in finding and using the best evidence available and, through deliberative dialogue, to engage them to implement change that will strengthen the health system, on all levels and along the continuum of care; to build scientific capacity for the next generation of health researchers; and to develop standards for the management of health information.



Through active engagement with the health system and all its stakeholders, the SLHS is committed to improving people’s well-being and quality of life. It places the people at the center of its activities.


Every individual and organization committed to improving population health and strengthening the health system, who abides by the governance of the SLHS, is invited and encouraged to participate.

Transparency and accessibility

The activities of the SLHS are transparent to safeguard and deepen the trust of all stakeholders in the health system. All should benefit from the public good that is derived from the SLHS.


The SLHS protects the privacy, confidentiality, and security of all data to enable responsible sharing of information and to build trust among all stakeholders.


The SLHS is designed to enable iterative, rapid adaptation and incremental evolution to meet current and future needs of the health system.


Through its governance, the SLHS aims at supporting its sustainable operation, setting required standards, stimulating ongoing innovation, and building and maintaining mutual trust among all stakeholders involved.

Scientific integrity

Researchers in the SLHS share a commitment to the most rigorous application of science to ensure the validity and credibility of findings, and open sharing and implementation of new knowledge in a timely and responsible manner.

Quality and value for all

The SLHS supports learning activities that serve to improve the effectiveness and the efficiency of services and promote equitable access to high quality care.

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